The 30 minute intuitive throw out

Our intuition is a very powerful mind tool that can be used in many situations. My mother has a saying of “If in doubt don’t” which sounds simple but is very effective if used often enough.

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes in the house de-cluttering using my intuition. I randomly looked at things and ask the question “Do I need to keep it”? The first answer that came into my head was the answer I went with. Mostly the answer no came and second came the answer yes. If the answer maybe came then I took it as a keep. It amazed me how much stuff I could throw away. I felt really good doing it and was such an invigorating experience. We just don’t need half the things we have and these things get in our way and pollute our balance.

Why don’t you spend 30 minutes in your house and start filtering out things you don’t need using your intuition. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


The image in this post is from here.


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